Saturday, 21 September 2013

Catching up

I have been knitting dishcloths, flowers, leaves, chicks and more dishcloths.

Then because I had set myself the challenge of entering the Pattern Review miniwardrobe... I became very busy with displacement activity - making cushion covers for outside benches, sewing up party bags for my son's 4th birthday party... and mending and basically anything else that came to mind!!

The overlocker was not stitching the bags properly and I realised it has been years since it was maybe some TLC was in order. I decided to go the whole hog and unscrew it to get at the insides as the recommended way of cleaning it seems to leave most of the muck behind....

 The inner workings of my machine covered in a thick layer of lint and dust.....need I say any more??

It is running MUCH better now........

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