Monday, 19 August 2013

Potholders and oven gloves

I decided that my oven gloves and potholders were too grotty for words... not even a boil wash could sort them out (well boiling does not tend to mend frayed edges does it?)

So I trawled the internet for patterns.

The first one I tried was Martha Stewart's FREE heart potholder pattern. You print it off and then copy it at 200%, which I found a little TOO large, then I tried it at 141% which was a little too small (feel like Goldilocks)

Then I found another FREE potholder pattern from Miss Mary , which I prefer. Though I am not sure I don't just prefer a plain square with no finger pockets... time will tell. I have made 4 of these "eggs"

Then I needed to make a new oven gloves to replace my Aga oven gloves , I like them because they have a thumb section... which I could not find on the internet...... so I used the old gloves to draft/trace off a pattern. Here is my first attempt.. which needs refining but will do for the moment.

Really need to add 3 - 4 layers of wadding anywhere which will be in direct contact with heat. I think the potholders will be too weedy.

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