Thursday, 13 June 2013


Karen picked my name from the jar of Doom - how did that happen? I never get picked...

ALSO how did it happen that it is half way through the year and I have NOT achieved either sewlution...

"Clothes And Sewing set herself two challenges. Clearly she holds no fear of the Mistress. Is there any sign of lingerie and a coat over at her blog? Go see!"

Oh Mistress / Karen.... I am quaking in fear, and shame that I was not ready for you!!

My sewultions were:

1. make a lingerie set (bra and knickers)… that I am actually happy with

I did spend some time sewing lingerie and am happy with the fit I have achieved.. but I have not yet sewn a set.

the fabric and patterns for the "set" are in a bag by the sewing machine..... but not yet made :(

2. Make a coat using the fabric I was given for Christmas….

Hummm I was dreaming of making an epic fantastic bound buttonhole coat.... I HAVE cut out the fabric.... but it has been sat cut out, with the lining (not cut), the interfacing, the pattern, the buttons, the everything for 4 months.... champion  displacement activity finder... that's me :-)

Maybe this will spur me on to complete the coat!!


  1. The last bra and pants look like a set to me!

  2. I agree that the last two look like a set! I guess the question is if you are happy with them. I'd be honest if I were you, the Lady of the Jar seems pretty mean about fabric buying privileges if you cross her. Ha ha!

    The bras are very pretty. Bra making is something I would like to try sometime when I have a little more confidence in my skills.

  3. Oo ooh I am already on a fabric buying ban ... Unless the stash is more manageable....

    The last two do look like a set BUT I used the wrong type of underwire so the bra is not perfect and the knickers are a tiny bit too I have to be honest ... Who knows what would happen if I was not :)

    I know I can make a set now I have increased my skills ( think I spent all of January making bras!) so now I just have to get on with it .....