Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Duvet set

My oldest son likes yellow.. in fact it is is favourite colour.. he asked for yellow bedding. I bought fabric to make yellow bedding..... fabric sat in attic for 2 years (possibly longer??)... a few hours over 2 evenings and now he has:

which I shall photograph on his bed tomorrow.....

AND I have busted over 5m of fabric and the last scrap of yellow velcro! HORRAY!

The pattern review fabric stash contest runs from 1st June until the end of July, and I have set myself the task of:
1. Using the fabric hanging over the banisters (why is it even there??)
2. Using the fabric already in ziplock bags with a pattern ready to be cut out!

3. Use the fabric up from ONE box in the attic (I have selected a box and ought to photograph it)

I don't care how many millions of miles other people sew up, as long as I reduce my epic stash!


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