Thursday, 16 May 2013

Swimming trunks - Ottobre 03-2009-40 "Seamus" (size 92)

As I have NEVER sewn any swimwear but I had wanted to sew myself a swimsuit, and I joined up to the swimsuit sewalong....I thought I would start with a small project - trunks for my son.

I started by trawling the internet for tutorials for boys trunks... hundred for girls and ladies swim suits, but not a lot for boys...SO
a) they are so easy no one needs a tutorial
b) no one sews trunks for boys because they are cheap in the shops
c) something else....

Well I decided to have a bash at it and photograph the stages - can't call it a tutorial as this is my first ever pair.. and they have not been worn in the water yet (tomorrow night at swimming lessons we will see how they cope)

Useful links:
Creative Chicks lovely helpful stuff
Someone sewing the SAME Ottobre pattern!
Needles and Haystack sewing the Ottobre pattern

Research - the inside of a commerical pair of trunks..
(age 5 which fits my 6 year old)
 My toile
 Creating a lining piece as the Ottobre pattern has no lining piece
 Next time the lining piece needs to be wider - but I only need a scrap - my 1m of mesh will last forever!
 Layout using cutting mat and rotary cutter...
 and pattern weight / childrens toys...

all the pieces ready to go (including 2cm wide rubber elastic for swimming)
 With enough left for another suit (I ordered 1/2m and this would make 3 suits in this size!..92)
 Pattern from Ottobre
 Hemming the edges of the lining piece - I should have adjusted my overlocker tension to 1.3 (left side no ripples), as the right side rippled on "N"
 Sewing back and sides together
 Inside view
 Then ready to topstitch using twin stretch needle (woolly nylon in bobbin, polyester on top)

All topstitched

Adding the lining piece

Sewing the centre back seam next

Then the crotch seam

All sewn up.. but in need of some elastic (note that the legs are just turned under and top stitched - no elastic required)
Making a loop of elastic and zig-zagging it closed - using walking foot - wanted to attach the elastic on the sewing machine but my stitches kept skipping so...

I sewed on the elastic using the overlocker instead...

Elastic turned over to inside and then topstiched down using the twin needle

Finished trunks!

Back view  (ok my seam matching is not perfect.. but it was my first pair )

Camera declared it was "exhausted" and turned itself off at this point!!

Pattern Description:

Swimming trunks

Pattern Sizing:


Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it?

Yes - apart from my changes

Were the instructions easy to follow?

Yes - but they did the usual Ottobre - you have to read 2 sets of instructions (pattern 40 and pattern 2)

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern?

nice slim fit trunks for my son

Fabric Used:

lycra swimwear fabric

Pattern alterations or any design changes you made:

1. Did NOT use piping

2.Did NOT use drawstring

3. Used 2cm wide elastic not 1.5cm

4. Added a lining piece

Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others?

YES YES YES - Already had requested from the other boys for trunks in their favourite colours


Without the piping and buttonhole and drawstring this is a fast easy pattern.

cheap to make too!

£2.50 for half m lycra  / 3 suits = 84p
elastic 25p per m / 2 = 12.5p
mesh £4pm / tiny scrap = 10p
thread = 10p
total £1.17

2 suits in sainsburys are around £2.50 - so the cost is comparable!! - just got to see if it hold up to actual use now.. feeling a little braver about trying my own suit now!

(edited to add: Lycra was from - worst website in the world - swim stuff hidden with dance fabric - they are very helpful on the phone and very quick to depatch goods - you can only order over the phone OR go into one of their shops- in answer to question on Pattern Review)....

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  1. Fabulous!! They turned out great! Very nice work!