Friday, 12 April 2013

Legoland trousers x 3

Legoland Trousers for L - Ottobre 04-2009-20 size 116. He chose the SAME fabric as last year so it looks rather like I have just posted the same photo  - but I did make a new longer pair.....

O ALSO selected the same fabric AND I used same pattern...Simplicity 3856 - just in a larger size. I love this pattern and this is the last year I will be able to use it as it only goes up to age 4. Last year and this years. You will note that the pattern matching is worse this year but to distract you he has a decorative button!!

J had a pair of Ottobre 06-2009-14 size 122 in .. thank goodness a different fabric to last year.I did not put the welt pocket on the back as I ran out of time... a common theme.... maybe I should start next years trousers a little earlier??? These last trousers are possibly the worst I have ever made as I was rushing and used interfacing which was too thin and I was too tired and and and......

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