Sunday, 10 March 2013


So Zo blog ... her recent post about her stash prompted me to comment on her blog:

Just so you don't feel so bad......mine is a much bigger stash than yours ... Let me think...

Box 1 - wovens

Box 2 & 3 - wool coatings

Box 4 - jersey stretch fabrics

Box 5 - zips elastic general detritus

Box 6 - lingerie supplies

Box 7 - fleece fabrics

Box 8 - random scraps of stuff

Box 9 - cant remember

Box 10 - white fabrics for dying (not nec for dressmaking)

Erm faintly worrying when I type it out ... Also makes me realise that i have too much coat fabric and really need to start sewing some coats rather than just thinking about it!!

Am busy churning through stash fabric for things though :)

So now I really DO have to concentrate on some stash busting, before the contents of the attic fall through the ceiling and bury us all under a mountain of fabric......

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