Friday, 29 March 2013

Catch up...

 This is the second pair of Ottobre 06-2009-14 - My welt pocket was much better this time... AND my adjustments to the pattern have made it fit better too! Sucess!

Some "boring" but on-the-list-for ages sewing

A "cushion" for the 3 year old to put his glasses on so that they don't get scratched at night (easier than screeching at him every night to NOT put his glasses down with the lenses facing down!.). Hopefully this will stop them getting scratched so quickly.

A bag for some tools
 Rabiit - sewn with L (age 6)
 This was using the tutorial and pattern from the polka dot umbrella but the link to the pattern seems to have vanished :-(
Anyway my son LOVED making it and he loves playing with it even more... finsihed a few  hours ago and he has already been carrying it about saying "I love you"....

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  1. Hi Catherine,

    Lovely makes there! Thanks heaps for your comment on my pregnancy blog post. Fear not, I'm am thoroughly up to speed with my self-employed maternity allowance entitlement and how to get at it! Your concern was much appreciated xx