Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Kwik Sew 3594 Bra

My previous attempt at this pattern , was not a total sucess, I thought that it was too "bullet bra" and I did not like the toile fabrics used. Someone commented on pattern review that the seam placement (horizontal), can create the bullet bra look. So I decided to move my seam lines and use the base pattern for some experimentation... unfortunately I did this before Cloth Habit put up her fantastic post about the very subject. So I muddled along trying things out by myself...

Hours of cutting up paper and calico mock ups...

The final result:

The bridge is not wide enough - I changed that to have no seam down the centre, and must have removed too much.

Made out of embroidered tricot and cream powernet from The Sewing Chest

I think I prefer underwires... never thought I would say that!!

I also tried out clear elastic on the bottom edge and I don't like it - it sticks when being sewn and worn! It needs to be covered when finished I think.

Not happy with this pattern, but I might re-visit it just to try out the tips from Cloth Habit, but not until I have made more bra's using other patterns.

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  1. Thanks for your suggestions for my portrait Catherine. I would certainly go down the cut it up route rather than just bin it... but I may be able to salvage it for what I want it for. I do admire you making your own undies... not sure I would have the patience!