Saturday, 12 January 2013

Knickers sort of tutorial

Knickers from the "picot elastic turn under bra making method"
4 pairs of knickers  - still need to get elastic on more evenly
- but looks fine when worn
Gusset - all seams hidden

I have been reading books and blogs and looking for a way to have a clean finish to the gusset. I was not happy with my previous knickers having exposed edges in the gusset (one end was folded under and stitch and therefore the stitching showed on both sides...

Gusset as seen from "right side" of knickers

You will need the front piece and two gusset pieces
Line up the pieces gusset, front piece, gusset piece, one on top of the other and sew along the seam line. Trim and grade the trimming.

Once sewn, roll up the front piece until you can see both
gusset pieces
Add the back piece and line up with the gusset
Roll up the back piece and then fold up the
internal gusset piece so you have another sandwich of three layers
Sew the Seam
You will have a strange roll looking like this...
Turn it out
Bingo - internal gusset seams hidden
Spread flat knickers now look like this...
out side shot

From this point you can follow any of the hundreds of knickers sewing tutorials on the web.
 I used french seams to make my knickers.

From So Zo tutorial and knicker pattern

From Indigorchid tutorial and pattern

And another tutorial

So after all that research and book reading and practice, and recording it on the blog to remind myself how to do it.... imagine my horror when I saw how shoddy the knickers in the local shops are!
So glad I can make my own!!


  1. Congrats on the lovely undies you've made! They look soooo neat

    1. Thanks. I was quite proud of the construction... now I just need to get the fit right!!