Monday, 7 January 2013

Another Kwik Sew 3300 Bra

This is the finished bra, made using a thin padding and lace.  Almost everything came from The Sewing Chest (in fact the lace was from the "Alice" kit, the cotton lycra jersey from from Tissu (via ebay). The bra wires are style 9, W36. I need to order some more! I used ready made straps and ready made channelling

To make the padded section, I adapted the cup pattern pieces by removing the seam allowance from the central seam, and butting them together and sewing them together.

I have the fabric for the next bra on the table waiting to be cut....
I am waiting for elastic to arrive so I can make matching knickers......

( This was the 5th bra I have made... - just keeping tabs!)


  1. I've made this pattern a few times with great success... I like how you've made it lined/padded! I really would like to do the same. Is this something you improvised yourself or did you learn it from another pattern? And the padding material.. what exactly is it?

    1. I learnt how to do this when I made my first bra in a class, and I have adapted the idea for this bra. The padding comes from The Sewing Chest and they just call it "bra padding" Lots of other places sell it too. You use the curving 3 step zig zag to sew the pieces together. on Another Kwik Sew 3300 Bra
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    2. Thank you! This is good information for me!!!