Wednesday, 9 January 2013

3rd Kwik Sew 3300 Bra

Another experiment, this time with cotton jersey with lycra - viscose?

Don't forget to use the walking foot / even feet foot.

Needle kept skipping stitches so I probably should have changed it!

It does not hang and looks as good in the photograph as the other 2 Kwik Sew bras. It feels nice on, but we shall see how it stands up to a day of wearing it. It took 2 hours to make... I did not have a 4cm wide back fastening so I adapted the back wings and used a smaller fastener, I think this may have been a mistake - the wider fastening may be better...

**** 12th Jan- edited to add.... I used differetn underwires on this bra - and it is SO uncomfortable... so if your bra's don't work - try a different underwire before blaming the pattern. Got to swap out these underwires for some different ones!****

I also whipped up some knickers last nigth, using my TNT knicker pattern, but I applied the elastic in the way I have been for my bra's (two stage folding to inside etc) rather than using FOE, and forgot to add extra seam allowance  - so they are too small, and the elastic is not tight enough..... learning curve?

Don't think the black stitching works, it just looks like I could not be bother to change to red thread. I was trying to get it to match a bra set....

Reading books - might try clear elastic next time...

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