Tuesday, 3 April 2012

One Week, One Pattern

Saturday - "styled" not the right word... I just threw on my oldest clothes in order to clear out (some) of the attic... and then I forgot to photograph it!


Tuesday : This would have looked considerably better if I had taken the photograph prior to dropping half my chocolate feast ice-cream down the front of it.

Wednesday - Friday... I then had a issue with not having washed or ironed anything in time!!

Things that I have learnt:
1. I must go through the wardrobe and draw up a SWAP (Sewing With A Plan) sheet so that I don't have orphan tops!
2. I need some more solid colour tops/ skirts in my wardrobe

My challenge to myself was to use a pattern more than once. I  have the tendency to use a pattern once, tick it off my pattern stash list and move it to the "patterns used" box and then never go back to it. I really wanted to try out a pattern more than once. I already had 4 versions of this top and now I shall make some more. The top that I had considered using for this week long challenge was New Look 6808, and I have made only 2 of those, but with a 3 cut out and ready to be sewn. I think I might try to incorporate another OWOP week into Me-Made-May just to encourage me to get some more versions sewn up!

I am glad I tried this challenge even if I did not succeed 100%!!

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