Tuesday, 29 November 2011

What an age! Updates!!

So what have I been doing since I last posted (a lifetime ago!!)

1. Finished several advent calendars to order
2. Made a "Great Fire of London 1666" Outfit for J - with Shirt
3.Made a "Great Fire of London 1666" Outfit for M - without shirt
4. Made 2 hats for W & B for "Great Fire Of London"
5. Worked on toiles for blocks for the Pattern Cutting course
6. Made 4 fleece hats for children and 2 for adults in yellow and black - for football
7. Made 2 pairs of PJ bottoms for J (well actually they are not finished yet)

November 2011 - Targets progress!!
1. To make at least 10 items from the "To Do" list.... 2 of which must use the wool coating I bought!
RUBBISH - not completed anything at all from the list this month! This is the first month since March when I have not made anything on the "To Do" list... maybe I am just left with the projects that seem harder??
2. To keep the kitchen clear - one meal washed up and put away before the next one is started
Been a bit slack this month!
3. To find a pattern cutting course
Completed - working on homework - hence lack of "real" garment sewing going on!!
4. To sew with the children more.. at least one project each month
L made a "dressing gown" for a soft toy, and his visiting friend made one for her doll!
5. To reduce the stash!!
Working through stash - did not buy any patterns or fabric this month. Now planning to get all the boxes of fabric down and have a sort....

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