Sunday, 21 August 2011

Yet more knickers

In a bid to remind myself what I have tried and what has worked, here are some more underwear pictures:

1. knickers made up first, elastic sewn into loops and then attached - in order to reduce bulk at the seams. Wide mens underwear elastic used at the waist - just sewn over fabric with elastic stitch.

2. Narrow FOE used for all edges - I did not check the stretch of this and it is much stretcher than the other elastic that I have used and therefore the waist is rather odd ..

3. Again mens underwear elastic at the waist - but this time overlocked on. The same narrow FOE for the legs - although I was a little short of it so it is rather over stretched.

I found the holding the elastic behind the presser foot as well as in front, helped to maintain the right stretch. I prefer a slightly wider FOE. I also like the wide elastic at the waist. I shall now test these in use before making anymore! .. At least I have some ready for September. I shall also try some cotton fabric with lycra in it as Zoe recommends that.

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