Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Update - during August 2011

August 2011

During August 2011
1. To make at least 10 items from the "To Do" list.... 2 of which must use the wool coating I bought!
14 items done so far, including 1 from wool coating. Planning to start wool coat for J this week, so that should tick off that. I have also been editing the "To Do" list and removing the "what was I thinking?" items! One stash pattern used this month.
2. To keep the kitchen clear - one meal washed up and put away before the next one is started
Doing really well. most of the time surfaces looking clear.
3. To find a pattern cutting course
I have found a course, and signed up - the first lesson is on 17th September! Really thrilled to have found a course.
4. To sew with the children more.. at least one project each month
Boys sewed up a cloth Kits Eskimo - great fun!
5. To reduce the stash!!
Have been using up stash fabrics sewing all from stash so far. Did buy some fabrics for lining etc but that is for the wool coat for J. Also ordered some fabric for knickers and some more patterns!! Mostly good though! I have done such a good stash busting job on my knits I am down to just three pieces left (all of which have been used but I still have lots left as I over ordered them!)

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