Wednesday, 24 August 2011

PJs from Ottobre Creative Workshop and McCalls PJ shorts.

Just need to finish off the elastic waist (once J wakes up in the morning and I can test the fit!)

I used the Threads article here to produce my best hems on a knit so far.....Oh for a coverstitch machine!! I used a twin needle and top stitched and did not get such bad tunnelling as before.

Sewing the hems: (quote from Threads article)
"It's easiest to stabilize the hems before assembling the garment. Prepare the hems by pressing them into place (I use an oak-tag template). Cut 1/2-in.-wide strips of soft, all-bias knit fusible interfacing like SofKnit. Sew or serge the right side of a strip to the wrong side of the hem edge (adhesive side is up). After constructing the garment, fold the hem up, fuse it in place, and topstitch from the right side.
-Marcy Tilton of Takilma"

Also for the top stitching:
3.5 tension
2.5 stitch length
woolly nylon on the bottom
polycotton on the top

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