Saturday, 20 August 2011

Knickers - toile toile toile

I just wrote a long post... lost my connection and therefore my post! Anyway to start again....

Last year I read a number of inspiring blogs about making your own knickers, and I decided to give it a try. My first attempt was utterly dreadful. I then read Zoe's post regarding using Fold Over Elastic (FOE) and decided to buy some from Ebay. The elastic was sold as perfect for "nappy wraps" and when it arrived it was so wide and I was so fed up with the look and feel of the elastic and my failure to produce perfect knickers first time, that I just shoved it in a bag and forgot about knickers. (well about making them myself anyway!!)

When I signed up for Self Stitched September I decided that it was the perfect challenge to set myself, making a pair of knickers. So I read Zoe's fantastic tutorial here and then her post about knickers again. Then in a bid to procrastinate further I read this tutorial about making a pattern for knickers using an old pair of your own.

I then actually took the plunge, made my pattern and toiled it using FOEand scraps of cotton jersey (rather LARGE scraps):

Unfortunately I forgot to use a much shorter length of elastic and therefore after washing the elastic relaxed and the knickers fell down.... Before that I they were comfortable and using the FOE was lovely. I decided to give it another bash... realising that it was going to take rather more than one attempt to get the perfect pair of knickers......

I increased the rise at the back to ensure I could cover my ample derriere.... then using some lingerie elastic I made two more pairs. The finish is terrible and I hated using the lingerie elastic....

but I still have three more pairs waiting on the sewing machine. I ordered more FOE from The Sewing Chest (and incidentially a bra pattern and free toile kit...guess what the next projext will be...) and am going to try that.

I have also bought a secondhand copy of Sewing Lingerie That Fits by Karen Morris and have picked up some useful tips... namely where and how to stretch the elastic. I have also worn my toile pairs and then made notes on what worked where (for example I found it better if the elastic was not stretched along the gusset area, but was stretch more around the "cheeks")..

Maybe by September I will have mastered the pattern and will be able to make some pretty pairs! So don't be disheartened and try making your own too!

I felt that I wanted to write this just to show that just because everyone shows lovely knickers on their blogs... does not mean that was the first attempt, and like any other garment toiles and practice are vital!!

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