Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Vogue 8405 - Summer Hat complete

There are several reviews of this hat on pattern review, but having just made 2 McCall's hats for my boys I knew what I was doing... I did not need to read reviews or indeed the instructions. I could just whip this up in 20 minutes, it would be GREAT!  View B here I come!

Or not...

The pieces did not fit together well, all puckered, and the hat was huge huge huge on me. I then decided to quickly read the reviews to see if this hat "came up large"...... and what I actually discovered was some kind reviewer pointing out that the top of the hat and the crown have a 6mm seam allowance and everywhere else has a 1.3cm seam allowance - needless to say  I had used 6mm EVERYWHERE.. .no wonder the pieces did not go together properly and the hat was way too big!

I changed the pattern pieces so that my pattern pieces all have 6mm seams (to confusing otherwise) , and wrote this down so I would know! Then I took the hat apart, used the correct seam allowances to sew it back together and then tried it on. ...

S - 21 1/2, M 22 1/2 and L 23 1/2 . I made that Medium which came up at little too big (but I expected that as my head is actually 21 1/2 and I don't like tight hats). It sews up really quickly. I just used medium interfacing to test the pattern (good thing that!!). Next time I will use stiffer interfacing so that the brim holds its shape.

A lovely pattern for summer hats. (as long as you actually read the instructions!!!)

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