Sunday, 24 July 2011

Burda Mag 01-2009-109 - Following the Sewalong instructions

So this was supposed to have been done in April, but I kept dreaming up excuses to put it off. I Had made my muslin/toile and followed the first few instructions from the Sewalong... up to the point where fabric had to be cut out... then I stopped. I have now cut out fabric, ironed on interfacing, faffed about thinking about the in-seam welt pockets... and even started sewing. I am now part of the way through part 8 of the instructions. As usual Burda's instructions are so much drivel - with lots of look at pattern no x y z for the next bit! 

To Do-
overlock lining pieces done
iron sewing so far done
create in-seam welt pockets
practice buttonhole and make decision about which type to use.

At least my "working on" section is accurate for the first time in months.

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