Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Update June 2011


1. To make at least 10 items from the "To Do" list.... 2 of which must use the wool coating I bought!
Made:5. Simplicity Knit Dress 3775 Completed toile 10th July 2010 - made as top 1st May 2011!!
6. New Look 6751 - Completed dress for LC on 10th May 2011
7. V8494 - dress - Completed 14th May 2011
8. 11-2008-104 Skirt - Completed 22nd May 2011

I have also completed the toile and cut out another Burda skirt....

So another 4 completed from the "To Do" list - but no sign of a Pea Coat!
2 - done
3. To find a pattern cutting course
Done nothing further this month
4. To sew with the children more.. at least one project each month
Nothing this month.
.5. To reduce the stash!!
Used lots of stash fabrics making all the clothes and the duvet set for L. I did buy fabric and a pattern, but those were to make something for someone else. I also bought some fabric to make shirts and T-shirts for the boys.
AS I said last month...... Need to work hard on the stash next month to justify the purchase... also need to get back on with the Pea Coat.

but at least I DID stash bust in May!

No such a great month.....3/5!?

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