Thursday, 9 June 2011

Burda 09-2009-133

Caption - back view of partial complete Burda 09-2009-133
So a Trojan virus ate my computer hard drive, my computer is still not working so I am using my "notebook". I finally linked it to the wireless printer today. I am reduced to using my phone to take photos, which I then cannot crop as I no longer have photoshop... I have not posted yet this month as I thought posts and reviews of patterns without any supporting photographs were a little pointless!

I have been working on Burda 09-2009-133, and have had to make my usual adjustments re a size 40 waist and about 44 at the hips. I did not do a great job and now have odd bulges in the sides! On the upside I have sorted out the previous Burda skirt (and made another one which does not have odd bulges!)

This pattern calls for a seam down the centre front and the centre back, and I did not cut my material in such a way as to match the prints, and even with this busy print it really bothers me! If I made it again I think I would just make it cut on the fold and then slit the skirt where I wanted to add the Godets (Threads has a good article on doing this). I will still wear the skirt as I need more skirts. I think once I have finished this skirt I will move onto  new patterns though.

I really ought to update the "To Do" list with all my new patterns - but that might be a tad depressing... about 3- 4 years worth of sewing even if I never buy a pattern again (and probably enough fabric in the stash too.....)

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