Tuesday, 1 March 2011

More making...but still not a finished Burda shirt!!

Made 3 children's aprons - 2 in yellow and one in orange. Also made an adult one (with pocket) in the lovely orange fabric. All the fabrics came from IKEA.

At school they are learning the order of the months of the year. So the boys wrote out the months in fabric pen and I sewed velcro to a backing piece, put in some wadding and them overlocked them together. Then we made a fabric strip with velcro for the boys to "stick" them too. It is VERY rough and ready...but it is done and the boys love it AND they are learning while playing with it. Have now started to make A-Z so they can swap between months and the alphabet (ABC's for the youngest rather than the oldest obviously)

But still not finished the top.... but I am working on it!

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