Sunday, 20 March 2011

Kwik Sew 3816

I was busy making a sample garment for J. I wanted to make it as per the instructions so that I would then know what I wanted to do in order to make a lined one in yellow for J. I decided to make the sample one in blue (with the intention that J would then end up with 2 bodywarmers, one thinner one, as per the pattern - in blue.... and one fully lined one in yellow).....


The pattern in lovely but the combination of polar fleece and waterproof fabric was horrible and shifted as I sewed.... probably because I was to lazy to attach the walking foot...... I NEED TO USE THE WALKING FOOT. I was so tired that I managed to sew whole sections together with the fabric round the wrong way. So this is not a garment I would want to admit to having made, and therefore it will not be worn! At least I have learnt what I want from it.

I shall draft up a lining pattern for the front and back,
An interlining pattern
I shall NOT use a waterproof material - it will be all fleece on the outside. I need to practice a zipper welt pocket in fleece before I fully commit to that though!

Sould go together fast once I get down to it.

Drafting the lining pieces the next stage.

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