Sunday, 6 February 2011

6th Feb - so 3 weeks after my last post and what have I done?

Not a lot! Still not finished 2 new pairs of trousers for J!
New year goals so far..
1. To make at least 10 items from the "To Do" list.... 2 of which must use the wool coating I bought!

Not done any!
2. To keep the kitchen clear - one meal washed up and put away before the next one is started
Doing OK
3. To find a pattern cutting course
4. To sew with the children more.. at least one project each month
We have been sewing the ark but it is not finished
5. To reduce the stash!!
Nope - in fact increased it when I bought 10m of fabric to make school trousers.....
Best get a move on

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