Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Ottobre 04-2009-27

Have just been attempting to put the seam-sealing tape onto the sleeves /armhole. This is tape which you iron on...well I snipped the edges so I could create a curve, then tried to iron it on. The first sleeve it hardly stuck at all. So then I turned up the iron, thinking that maybe the heat was not getting through the baking parchment, so thne it was too hot. The sleeves now look a little wrinkly which I am not happy about. I would bet that a clover mini-iron would make life much easier. However clipping both slides of the tape and stretching it out so it curved nicely with a very slightly hotter iron seemed to work the best. Now to sew up the sleeves and sides, then cut out the lining fabric.

Might get it finished and my son wearing it by the end of the month!

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