Thursday, 24 June 2010

Running fast to stay in the same place

  1. Recently I made a pair of shorts which ended up in the bin
  2. I had to take apart the overalls and redo them (he changed his mind on the torso length that he wanted!) - all finished now though, wrapped ready to give tomorrow!
  3. Now I need to undo my hand stitching on my dress and take in the seams under the arms to improve the fit!
Also I have ordered 7 patterns over the last week, so I better hit the stash and reduce it. I have done well in getting rid of patterns that are of no use or that I do not want to use. I have also motored through making some, so I am feeling less worried about that. I am more concerned about my fabric stash. I went through it yesterday and put all the fabric for me in one box and the fabrics for my boys in another. The boys are rather short, and mine seems rather full of "what was I thinking?" fabrics!

Tonight necessary but boring sewing, started some more chair covers. 5 more needed so I have cut the base panels and started on cutting the ties (I need 40!!)

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