Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Burda Spring Summer 1997 609B Shorts

Finally got to a stage where I could try the shorts on J. They look terrble! As with the Otobbre 03-2009-23 pattern with an elastic waist. This time the waist band just looks very bad. I much prefer the trousers and shorts that I make for the boys which either have a fully elasticated waist or no elastic at all. The options are:
1. I am rubbish at constructing partly elasticated waistbands
2. The toile fabric used is unsuitable for the two patterns
3. The patterns are rubbish

Since reviewers raved about the Ottobre pattern, it can't be the pattern so I think it is a combination of me and the material! The material is fairly stiff - more of a jeans denim than soft cottons. Luckily I have used it all up now, so I'll have to move onto something else to toile with!!
I think that from now on I will stick with the pattern that I like and use it as a "block" and make differnt types of pockets, yoke shapes etc and different fabrics in order to get different looks.
I still need to stock up on suitable fabrics for the boys! Now I need to decided whether to be frugal and remove the zip before I bin the shorts!

I like the yoke shaping on the front and the back, so I might combine that with my TNT pattern and try out some different pocket combinations.
 I'll draft something for the next pair of shorts! Hopefully they will be wearable and will actually reach the wardrobe.

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