Friday, 4 June 2010

6 days...

So what have done over the past 6 days:

  • Helped the boys finish a rainforest tree and animals from a kit  - The kit was designed by Anne Wilkinson and the instructions and fabric was printed by Homecraft Quilted designs.
  • Had help recording my measurements and started making a basic block for myself
  • Started a toile for a skirt (the vogue one), made amendments and now need to finish it to see if it worked. - need to mark the underlapped pattern piece up so I know where to lap to. Overlock edges before stitching
  • a pile of mending
  • helped J make a bag to carry his swim kit to school
  • started a little "made by dana" candy bag - see tutorial list
So nothing major but I have been getting things done. I hope to finished the skirt tomorrow and post photos

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