Saturday, 29 May 2010

Vogue 8296

I have been making a skirt for myself. I used some scrap fabric to "tissue fit" around the waist and hips and decided which size to make. I have now started to make a "wearable muslin", well that was the intention anyway!! The pattern calls for lapping the seams, matching at various points, I was too slap-dash to mark up properly so I am not sure it has worked properly. In any case I am not keen on the lapped seam. Maybe I should tack them first? I don't know if the construction would suit flat locked seams as some of the lines  are very odd. I am thinking of cutting the pattern pieces up a little in order to create a piece which I can practice flat locking on, or just construct using normal seams! Could I used decorative stitched to seam? Or put tape over the seams? I have put together the outer piece and decided it was time to stop when my bobbin ran out of thread. I now need to finish the seam and insert the zip. I also need to cut and make up the lining.

I have tried it on and I do like the look of it but it does need some refinements over the hips (though that could be either the stiff fabric I am using or my lack of accurate match points....) Anyway the size I made is definitely big enough, in fact I think it could come in a little in the waist.

Even if it turns out not to be wearable, at least I have used up lots of stash fabric that I did not really like. That is what I do for "practice" / muslin garments, use the fabric I like the least!

Off to google lapped seams, flat locking and see if I missed a vital bit of advice on pattern review!!

*** Update ***
  • Pattern review comments:
  • Overlock seams before construction if you don't want the frayed look. - must try this
  • Might need darts fits perfectly without darts
  • Might need to change back piece? No - shape is perfect
  • Cut yoke section on straight rather than bias to prevent "cling" - would that reduce the stretch and therefore mean I would not get it over my hips? Must be cut on bias to work - the comments were all for view C and I am making B

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