Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Ottobre shorts

Started a pair of shorts for J  -don't want all of his trousers and shorts to be made from the same pattern that I use for school! The pattern - I'll look the number up later, calls for a mock fly. I spent last night faffing over how to create a mock fly as I did not understand the instructions - ridiculous when I can put in a fly zipper, surely making shorts without the zipper would be easier. Anyway after searching through patterns envelopes I read some instructions realised how dim I was being and sorted out the mock fly. Now I just have to sort out the waistband, which I intend to make adjustable. Then hem, then they will be finished. Hopefully will get that done tomorrow.

Today Me Made May -- shirt and skirt by me. Trying to get enough done so that I could have a me-made-June!

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