Monday, 17 May 2010

Burda 11-2008-118 Dress as T-shirt

Tonight I cut the fabric for:
1. a pair of shorts as a toile - for J
2. 2 aprons (for me / presents)
3. Waterproof apron for J
4. Burda T-shirt for me

I made up the muslin / toile for the Burda top. In the magazine it is actually shown as a dress but I thought it would make a great T-shirt. I chopped off the length and added width to the hip area (flaring out 2 sizes!). However I think I need to add another 2" to the hem length (unless it is just the cheap fabric I am using). Tomorrow I shall cut it out of some nice knit fabric and start construction. Thrilled to have whipped up a muslin so fast. I think I will also try using ribbing on the neck and arms rather than binding. (Well if I like how it turns out I will try both versions). I am thinking of making one in white with a bias trim made from the skirt I made earlier in the week  - then I would have a co-ordinated outfit for the wedding (on Saturday!!! - need to get a shift on!)

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