Sunday, 16 May 2010

Burda 07/2008/118 Almost finished

Pretty pleased! Only have to hem and finish off inside (clip threads and seal ends), which I will probably do later today. I stopped because I did not want to get to the stage where I rushed and made mistakes. Only one issue with it - I have done something wrong with one sleeve as it does not fit as well as the other sleeve. I am sure that the pattern could be made up with woven fabric, just doing the yoke and sleeve bands on the bias. Made the sleeve band 3cm larger than the pattern though! I might try that later when I have got through some more of the top patterns that I have listed to try out!

Now off to trace off some more patterns and to make lunch. Must also load up pictures of J sewing by himself!

Update: Finished hem, sealed edges, also topstitched sholder seams where I had used too long a stitch length and there was a danger of the top falling apart!

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