Friday, 30 April 2010

Fabric and zips arrived

The zip arrived, just in the nick of time. I now have reached the stage where they are starting to look like trousers and shorts! The zips are in! However I have noticed a downfall of mass production - when I make a mistake I repeat it 5 times!! (forgot to overlock the edges before inserting the zips!)

HUGE Bale of fabric arrived (with the zip) so now I need to get sewing some clothes for me to use up the fabric! Did not do any work on the toile for the dress today. Frock by Friday ....well maybe NEXT friday! Hope to get the muslin finished by Sunday.

Am starting to feel more organised and able to get 15 minutes work done in the morning - which works well in mass production. If I had to get the iron out for 1 thing I don't bother but for 5 it is worth it. Once I like a pattern I will have to cut 2-3 the same ready to put together in this mass production manner. Feel like I am really achieving something

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