Friday, 13 November 2015

I have been sewing honest!

 A Christmas stocking commission.

Halloween costume using good old Simplicity 5512

A selection of running armbands in time for a birthday present in the morning. I used Fehr Trade free pattern for the running armband. The last one has a buttonhole for the earbuds to pass through.... A lovely quick pattern to use and make up!

Sunday, 27 September 2015

McCalls 7026 - a "semi-fitted unlined jacket" (or possibly a cardigan???)

 No idea how I managed to make it look like one sleeve is 3" longer than the other because really they are the same length (wrong hanger, bad placement of garment on hanger, weird angle?)

Love the style lines on this garment, which I made in cheap fleece to test out the pattern before making it up again. I will need to make the following changes:

1. lengthen by at least 1" possibly 2" (it covers the models behind but barely reaches mine!... but I do have a long back so adding length is a fairly standard adjustment).... however this means that I will need LONGER ZIPS...arghhhhhh!!
 2. This was pretty fitted on me  (but I was blending between sizes - I could do with reducing the seam allowance on the sleeves to make them slightly less fitted.

2. USE THE WALKING FOOT when working with fleece!

3. Change the pockets - they are too far back - uncomfortably so. Might put a pocket into the princess seam instead.

I am going to wear it a few times before I try adjusting the pattern though.

Once that was finished it was on to a job I have been meaning to do for months... which took 30 minutes (don't they always).... a waterproof cover for the BBQ!

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Simplicity 4816

 Was given a pair of Minion swimming trunks by a friend (her 10 year old did not want them). Chopped them up and used Simplicity 4816 to make shorts for a 6 year old..... one very happy boy!!

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

The Henry Shirt and Paddington Bear

Back in 2012 Sewing World issued a review of "Sewing For Boys" which included a pattern from the book - the pattern was The Henry Shirt.

Since I have boys I thought it would be perfect - it has taken me 3 years to make it up, so now only my youngest fits the largest size available!

I have made quite a few shirts and they can be a quick and enjoyable project. This was the HARDEST shirt I have ever made, with some strange instructions (not sure if that is because they were reduced to fit in the magazine though)

The combined yoke/sleeve looks lovely but is very greedy on fabric. The overall shape is very boxy - made my husband think of Paddington's Duffle coat! The boxy-ness could be reduced by shaping the sides.

 I was disappointed that the collar was not a two piece collar (but not so disappointed that I bothered to redraft it!)

I used buttons and buttonholes rather than snaps (because I can never get snaps on properly AND my boys prefer real buttons).

My youngest loves it so I suppose that is all that matters!

Sunday, 2 August 2015

Catch up - last minute sewing!!

Some more pink penguin bags:

 And some modified ones  without the drawstring as teacher end of year thank you's.

Tried the Fishsticks The Tank  pattern out - size 10 - big long and boxy - but free. The pattern prints on 79 sheets of paper as it is not nested - all sizes are on their own sheets of paper.

Ottobre 01-2010-40 for PJ short. I did not like the way that the waistband went on for the toile pair -so I just put it on in my normal way for the real pair - sew on waistband then add elastic

While on holiday I finished knitting my Peggy Sue

Last minute PJ shorts for wearing on holiday McCalls 4261
I also whipped up another KS299, but with a zip up the front!


Saturday, 11 July 2015

New Look 6774

I knew I had a wedding to attend so I did some research (from the computer)...I thought that I liked the Amaris Maxi dress from Monsoon and that I also had some border print fabric in the stash..

I looked through my pattern stash including my Burda mags and despite having about 1 billion dress patterns I clearly decided that I needed to buy a new pattern:

I used A + J+K to make a dress similar to the inspiration dress. New Look 6774 has gathers across the back and the centre back - but that normally makes me look heavily pregnant - not a flattering look. So I changed the gathers into 4 pleats at the front sides and 2 in the back.

I am really pleased with how it turned out. I did have to make it MUCH MUCH smaller than the pattern envelope suggest as there is SO much ease in the pattern. I finished this in time to wear it to the wedding - so fantastic I hit a goal for 2015.