Tuesday, 3 January 2017


I used two different issues of Ottobre to make this PJ set.

Ottobre 06-2015-35 for the bottoms

Ottobre 01-2009-37 for the top - I added length (size 134 - length 140) then gave it a 2" hem

Monday, 2 January 2017

Burda Mag - T-shirt for boys

Used the size 140 but took some length out (possibly too much length - whoops)

Started on 31st DEc - finished on 1st Jan - these really don't take long!

Monday, 19 December 2016

Passport Dress - Simplicity K2209

Cheap synthetic taffeta type material - horrible to work with a frays like crazy.

Made a toile which worked well and I did all the pleats the right way, needed taking in at the sides - under the arms.. which I did. I did not bother to toile the bodice again as I was running out of time.. so the final dress was too tight under the arms.... so after wearing it I took it apart and resewed the seams with a smaller seam allowance... unfortunately destroying my lovely zip insertion - now it looks terrible!

I like the side zip - the unbroken back bodice looks good!

Kwik Sew 3827

Using a pattern from the stash - horray!!

3827 - View A but with more snaps to close it like in view B.

Had to put back darts in and grade to a small under the arms - medium everywhere else - though a small might have fit! Did not do the panel back as the fleece fabric so busy.  Will not make another as too high across back - need to be another 1/2" longer and then front too long. (this is after adding in 1" already) Like coats and jackets to come down further to keep back warm.

Nice shape and design though - would recommend

Did not line it either!

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

McCAlls 6844

The world and his wife have made this pattern... so it was about time I got it out of the stash and made it up. I think I could have gone down a couple of sizes in the bodice (the arms NOT - they are snug)..

This is not flattering as it is big and baggy on me - but oh so comfy! I added 2" to the length on the lengthen lines (a standard adjustment for me)
I added 2 buttons so that I can close it.

Close up of the fabric

I need to do make it with a CB seam and sway back adjustment... and smaller ...

Monday, 14 November 2016


So I made some knickers back in June (using McCalls 2772)...and I thought to complete my "lingerie set" task I need to make some matching bras. The knickers were all made using left over fabric from various t- shirts so I did not have enough to make matching bras for each pair (probably a good thing since I don't think I could face making 10 bras!)

....5 months later I finally started making some bras. I decided to start by using up some of the bra making kits I bought from The Sewing Chest a few years ago (probably more)....

My pattern review of  Kwik Sew 3300 is here

A white lace bra

A padded white lace bra

A padded black lace bra

 Seam tape over the join of the padding

A green lace and cotton jersey bra (cotton from the scraps left after making a t shirt and then a pair of knickers)

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Burda 11-2013-115 and some odd fabrics

I ordered some fabric online and when it arrived it was not what I was expecting (despite looking like the picture and matching the written description.... so no fault of the seller!! - just me!)

I then decided that I had to use it up and try out a swing coat pattern from Burda.. forgetting that since I have a small top half and much larger hips, swing coats really do not flatter me AT ALL.....

So I cut out the fabric

 It is loose weave so I added interfacing as per the pattern instructions.. then added an organza underlining layer - hand stitched on

I created the back pleat following the instructions in my trusty "Readers Digest Guide to Sewing" (my copy is almost as old as I am as I pinched my mums copy)....

Bottom 10cm of the vent left open for hemming and as an open back pleat  (this is the photo that is the closest to the bright neon garish colours of the fabric  - which I thought would be fun... but just don't work for me in a garment)....

 It opens out to create even more width and flare

Big wide sleeves (which once they have a 4cm hem on them will be too short for me!)

Me admiring the This-Coat-Make-Me-Look-Pregnant effect .....eeeek!! Not the look I was going for!

The pattern is drafted well with darts across the shoulder to give shape to the Raglan sleeves. Everything fits together well.

I got to the stage where I need to cut out and sew up the lining and then insert it. But I decided to try the coat on .. at which point I decided I would NEVER be wearing it.. and therefore did not want to waste lining fabric or sewing time finishing this project.

Not the pattern - my bad choice for my body shape
The fabric did not appeal when it arrived and it still does not appeal once cut up and sewn.... time to move on!