Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Burda 12-2007-126

The very lovely SoZo sent me some old Burda Style magazine... and in one was a pattern for "French Knickers (126) or if you traced the full length (127?) PJ trousers... Just what I wanted to sew up - some nice quick makes.
This pattern is great because it has front dart and is flat across the stomach (rather than lots of fabric gathered up with elastic). The rest of the waistband has elastic sewn in which ends at the darts and is secured there.

Sunday, 24 July 2016

Teacher end of year presents from small children

Three boys

One of the schools was closing and the eldest going to a new school.... so LOTS of presents

 Cushion made for an ICT teacher - designed and made by my eldest
 A coin purse made by the middle child

Bunting made by the youngest - fabric pens and crayons and then ziig-zagged onto ribbon

I think that they did very well considering they are all younger than 12!

These all count for my dare from Gillian at Crafting a Rainbow because not only did they choose the fabric from the stash but they sewed it up themselves too :-)

Thursday, 21 July 2016

Simplicity 2248

I made my second dress..(for this years SWAP not the 2nd dress I have ever made :-) ).
  This is a Project Runway pattern.

I had the envelope with 12-20, but really I needed 10-14. The construction and pattern pieces are really interesting. I had to take it in lots under the arm and under the bust and at the top of the zip at the back. I don't think that is the fault of the pattern, just I had the wrong size and needed to grade down the bodice. The pattern comes as a combined bodice and skirt which makes grading much harder.

The button is a fabulous vintage button from So Zo which matched the fabric perfectly and was the right size AND was not too heavy for the fabric..... could have been made with this dress in mind!

Again fabric and pattern from stash - GO ME!.... and also completed part of my sewing dare from Gillian at Crafting a Rainbow!

Saturday, 9 July 2016

Goals / SWAP update for June 2016

I finished some socks which have been hanging about since July LAST year!

Update after 6 months

For 2016:

1. Select 12 patterns to sew or get rid of by the end of the year (stash is nearly 50 patterns)

  • Lisette K2209
  • Simplicity K2444
  • Simplicity K1913
  • Simplicity K1699 
  • Butterick 6066 completed July 2016
  • Simplicity 4277
  • New Look K6107
  • Simple Sews 015 Toile made - BIN pattern
  • New Look K6231
  • Simplicity K1202 Made x 2 Feb 2016
  • Simplicity 2357 - bags
  • Kwik Sew 3815 - bodywarmer  Made May 2016

 2. SWAP (again)
3. Finish outstanding to do pile - T-shirts for boys!  Complete Jan 2016

1. Lingerie
2. Dress Completed July 2016
3. Skirt Completed in May 2016
4. Cardigan Completed in April 2016
5. Top  Completed 7 tops in Feb 2016
6. Jeans
7. Coat
8. Activewear - running Completed Jan 2016 - running top x1, running skirt/leggings x2
9. Activewear - swimming Completed May 2016
10. Top  Completed 7 tops in Feb 2016
11. Skirt Completed May 2016
12. Dress
I gave myself 12 garments/things to make in 2016 - so at least one per month. 

AT the end of January I had achieved one of the SWAP - No 8 activewear. I made two sets of fleece lined leggings/skirt and a running top!

At the end of Feb I had achieved the tops that were on the SWAP using a pattern from the pattern stash pile. 

March - nothing

April - I made the cardigan from the swap - which had been cut out and waiting for months!

May - I made a skirt using stash fabric and a pattern I bought in February, I also used a pattern stash pattern to make a fleece jacket for J, made 3 skirts in total and ticked swimwear off the list. I have used 7 patterns from the pattern stash so far this year... AND I sewed for the boys... feeling much more on top of things now.

Me Made May - I need to make some trousers and jeans. I also need to make some plain tops/skirts to mix and match with all my mad patterns.

June - I made up a pattern stash pattern to make a dress from the SWAP, I also finished some socks! I also made some bags and knickers (not yet blogged)... so a fairly successful month - even though I am not 100% pleased with the dress.

SWAP?? maybe?... but definitely busting the fabric and pattern stash... B6066

A dress was on the to do list (actually two are).

Butterick B6066 came free with a magazine...

I made view C - but there were lots of issues:

Strangulation neckline:

 bra straps shows plus too baggy under arms (in this photo I have just sewn it up an extra 1.5cm on each side seam)

After finishing this dress on 30th June.. I then wore it on 1st July..... I spent the whole day feeling like I was being strangled. So the dress went through the wash and was then altered...

2cm off the front neckline blending down to 1.5cm removal at the back.

 Unpicked the topstiching and under arm seam - resewed them with a large SA in order to obtain a smooth finish.

Insane novelty fabric

I still feel that the arm/straps are too narrow (especially since most bras show) so I think if I made it again I would add the arm straps/ bits from view D.

Not sure I want to use this pattern again though. I shall leave it to think about it!

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

City Gym Shorts

I got distracted from sewing the dress that I am supposed to be finishing and whipped these City Gym Shorts from Purl Soho today.

 A little too tight on the backside - might use a large size for that next time!

 Zig zagging across the bottom of where the front and back meet - I saw that idea on someone else's pair.

A Skirt and a Bag

Another Pink Penguin lunch bag (but since it is made from lace and silk it is not intended to be used for carrying lunch.

I need cord to complete the bag.

I also made another Simplicity 2314 - this has actually been cut out since the beginning of the month but I had to stop to finish other things (birthday bunting, mending, alterations etc) so this got left in a pile. Then I was fed up and in a rush to finish it just to get it out of the "To Do" pile... next time I would not use a pattern with a seam down the CF which requires an over-layer of lace to match with a scalloped edge!  I want to make a dressy top to go with this so that I can dress this up or down.