Friday, 25 July 2014

Still testing out knicker patterns...Jalie 3242

Jalie 3242 View A - very low rise (unwearable infact)

View B - high rise - much better. I also made a size larger than suggested (the view A was a little tight) BUT my fabric was not as stretchy as that suggested by the pattern so I think the pattern sizing is true.

I like the waist treatment - sew elastic on in the round, then fold over and zig zag down - making the casing. 2cm elastic at the waist and 6mm at the legs. My elastic was not as stretchy so I had to use longer pieces than suggested (hence the strange wrinkled look to one leg). This is a good pattern - good coverage. A nice basic which I will make again. However I prefer the crotch to be a separate piece so that I can get a fully enclosed seam at both ends.

Pattern Stash - July

Bag - from book
Knickers - MIX 30 - 2 views
knickers - Kwik Sew Master Lingerie
Knickers - Make Bra
Knickers - Jalie 3242
Knickers - McCalls 2772
Total 6 patterns (but only 3 for contest)

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Knickers - busting the pattern stash McCalls 2772

I ordered this pattern earlier this year so it does not count for the contest BUT it is out of my stash! I ordered a size which was several inches too small (only had sizes not measurements on the listing so I was guessing...). So I had to ignore the 1.5 cm seam allowance and use the smallest seam allowance possible.


I used FOE (if I had turned under 1.5cm there would be nothing left). I did remove the 1.5 seam allowance from the gussett though.  I have ordered a large size of this pattern as this is a nice shape and would probably better if it started out closer to my size!!


I used FOE on the legs and removed 1.5 from the edges of the gussett again. I used lingerie picot edge elastic for the waist.

This is pretty high rise, and I think when the new pattern arrives I will try view G without the waistband - which will give a rise half way between E and F.

These are just toile pairs

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Knickers & more knickers

Toile of Merckwaerdigh MIX 30 - view C

A tiny bit tight.... but lovely lovely .. I shall use this lots more.

For the Pattern Review Pattern Stash contest I decided to go through all my lingerie patterns. Some I have bought this year so do not count for the contest BUT I am so glad to have sewn them up!!

Kwik Sew Beautiful Lingerie pattern book - "pantie" - highcut leg version in L.

I realised it was too big but still finished them (that is why the elastic is so bad - I was bored of sewing them)... and to give a sense of scale:

According to measurements I am a LARGE but these come up VERY high- they do have good coverage.. but much much bigger than my usual knickers!

However the book is wort having just for all the information about lace, elastic etc

Pattern Stash - July

Bag - from book
Knickers - MIX 30 - 2 views
knickers - Kwik Sew Master Lingerie
Knickers - Make Bra

Total 4 patterns (but only 3 for contest)

Monday, 14 July 2014

Merckwaerdigh MIX 30 - Hipsters

 A pattern which I have had since Novermber 2013!! Finally used (though I still need to make the other items in the pattern).

Add elastic to leg openings to improve fit for the all lace pair (not pictured)...

Tried it with fabric at the base layer and FOE - don't think this fabric works well .. but worth exploring for other pairs with a different stretch jersey.

Ribbon marking the CB!

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Make Bra Hipster knickers - FREE PATTERN

I downloaded this FREE PATTERN from Make Bra on 24th November 2013... and have had it sitting in the pattern stash ever since. The first pair (horses) only took 30 minutes to make... so not sure why I did not get around to making this sooner!!

Second pair - which is my favourite - probably because the fabric is fun!

The final pair - which just fee FAR to "Granny pants" .. partly because of the plain solid colour and partly because the fabric has more stretch than the others and ALSO because my elastic application is worse!

Anyway this is a good start to stash busting my underwear stash AND making a matching set of lingerie!

These have a high rise and full bottom coverage and look better on (except the purple pair which might not make it into the underwear drawer!)

Thursday, 10 July 2014

A variety of bags....

I have had a bit "To Do" list hanging over me... then my husband decided to add to it. So I finished the grey school trousers that were draining my desire to sew, whipped through the pile of mending/alterations... then tackled the "to do" pile:

1. Little bags to hold mechanics seat covers (to protect cars from greasy mechanics/muddy children)

2. A padded bag with a side pocket for batteries for the super-doooper new ear defenders

3. A "carry-out" bag to sit by the front door for my youngest - bag filled with a sketchbook, felt-tips (colour changing ones), tissues paper, glue and colour pencils.

AND finally a bag I have been meaning to sew since June 2013 when I bought the book... The Ruffle Hobo Bag from Kay Whitt's book "Sew Serendipity Bags"

To give an idea of scale:

The construction method leaves the seams for the lining and shell inside and raw.. so bias binding is used to cover this up.. when I read this instruction I thought "YUK"... but actually I rather like the fun bias hidden inside the bag. You can just about see the internal pockets in this shot.

Fusible volume fleece used
Changes for next time -
zippered internal pocket?
longer handle (I am sure the one on the cover of the book looks longer!)

NOTE TO SELF: - the pattern for this is IN THE BOOK (ie I have not stored it with all of my other patterns)

Pattern Description:

"The Ruffle Hobo Bag is based on one of my bag patterns with Serendipity Studio called the Sylvia Sling"

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it?

Yes - but I did not use the ruffles .. and I am convinced that the handles are shorter than in the pictures!

Were the instructions easy to follow?

NO - I like to cut out all my fabric and do all my fusing first (then I know I have enough fabric. The pattern pieces do not include a piece for the zip and this is cut out when you get to that instruction - I just personally don't like that layout.

Having said that the instructions are written well in a step-by-step manner ...

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern?

Before I made the pattern up:

I liked the shape and size of the bag. (it is why I bought the book)

I liked the fact that the book had all the pattern pieces printed full size in the back (except the zip pieces for this pattern!)

Now that I have made the pattern up:

I really liked the bias finish of the raw edges on the inside (I thought I would hate this)

I like the internal pockets BUT I would like to add a zipper pocket inside

I like the fact that the bag closes with a zip

I don't like the fact that the seam allowances are 1/4" and 1/2".. this is because I am used to working with 6mm and 1.5cm...

I also don't like the fact that the markings are not all on the pattern pieces .. some are in the instructions which tell you to mark directly onto the fabric....

Fabric Used:

Mystery cottons from my stash

Pattern alterations or any design changes you made:

1. Did not add the ruffles - this was almost a useable toile to see if I liked the size and shape enough to want to add ruffles...

2. Used an old buckle that no longer had a tongue (but it still works)

3. Did not use lots and lots of different fabrics - I just used 3 all from stash

Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others?

Yes I WILL sew it again, but I will use it for a while and decide what changes I would like to make before I do..


This is rated as an "Intermediate Bag" - which I would agree with. Next time lots of hand tacking will be needed to ensure I get a good finish with all of the layers.

Saturday, 5 July 2014

More grey school trousers - Ottobre 04/20/10/32 size 128

This is the toile pair BUT it was FAR FAR to baggy at the lower back/top, and too short and too LOW at the back. So I modified the back yoke piece and made the final pair.

The final pair did not have coin pockets or back pockets as they are for school. I also forgot to topstitch the yoke - it really needs topstitching to look good. The fit is much better - but I still had to add elastic at the back to pull it in even more. This design really needs the back pockets - it looks odd without them... however the back pockets are VERY low. I might have to mash this pattern together with this ottobre pattern to get a pair that I am happy with