Saturday, 24 September 2016

Tesselate Tee

I made a toile from old T-shirts (include a couple of old school polo shirts from my eldest!)

Because this fabric does not stretch as much as activewear I should have made a size larger (or just reduced the side seams a little)

The activewear one - with slightly reduced side seams in NOT skin tight and has room for layers underneath. It performed well on the cycle commute to school/work/school/home so I shall made more using some things from the add on pack.

The superhero triangle and neck binding is the last scrap left from the tops I made for March...a great reason to keep scraps. The rest was fabric waiting in the stash for a use. I used bright fabric for the sleeves to help visibility especially when signalling. 

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

PJ Shorts

I was asking the youngest if he would wear something made in this fabric... thinking he would think it too young... and the next oldest asked for some PJ shorts in it! Shows what I know!!

So Jalie 2914 a couple of sizes larger than last time - perfect for jersey PJ shorts... now I know that they are fine I need to make lots more (before he grows and I have to trace the next size up)

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Kirsten Kimono

I have an adapted pattern which is skin tight and several inches longer than the pattern... and the normal pattern.. both of which I love. Well I have now sewn this 16 times.....

Just busting the jersey stash.. but still not made any plain tops to go with all my patterned skirts... whoops!

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Ottobre 04-2008-26

Another set of birthday T-shirts - this time reasonably close to the actual birthday!


I have made this T-shirt before and have finally got to grips with what the ottobre instructions mean for the sleeve cuff (which needs stretching to fit onto the sleeve in the flat). I took some photos to remind myself... it is a bit like creating a blind hem...

fold sleeve cuff and align edges with edge of sleeve - sew together

 Fold back on fold line
 fold back on itself (like the blind hem)
 should have a flap of sleeve and a flap of cuff

Size 122

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

McCalls M6958

We have been invited to an Hawaiian themed party...I am supposed to go wearing a "Hawaiian Shirt".. but I did not think that was something I would wear. So I found some fabric in the stash which was going to be the lining for a coat....I thought it looked Hawaiian enough for my purposes (an English version of an Hawaiian dress obviously!) I turned it into a dress....

The fabric would have been great as a lining for a coat but was a nightmare to work with and to create a dress with!

I only had 2m so had to made the shortest version!

Saturday, 20 August 2016

Sun hat for a boy

 Sun hat modeled by my tailors ham... hoping it fits the 9 year old it was actually sewn for (since it fits my head!)
The pattern came from Children's Sun Hats published by Search Press. Unfortnately all the patterns need to be enlarged by 200% - but are not laid out in such a way as to make this easier on a photocopier, and there are no grid lines marked for doing it by hand. IT was a total pain to photocopy as each page had to be photocopied 3 times to get all of the pieces enlarged.

The "templates" are not graded in the normal way (just a bit added to one side rather than all the way around a circle in order to go up sizes). There are no pattern markings (fold lines, notches etc). I do not know about the fit yet - waiting to find that out.

The photos are OK for construction but then I have made plenty of hats in the past. I might make another pattern from this book before I review it properly... they are a few basic patterns with ideas on how to modify them (some good recycling ideas)... but I am blown away by it. The large size hats will fit me - some I might make the one on the cover for myself though!

Part of the problem with this hat is the cheap fabric I used to make it - at least it is out of the stash now though!!

I missed Kids Clothes Week for various reasons BUT I had asked the boys what they wanted. So I am working through the list now. If this fits - this is the first thing I can cross off the list! I am aiming to make something for each child so that I have met my own KCW this week!

A little bit of sewing

Only a bit of sewing so far this month:

Another version of Burda 12/2009/127 - but I have added side seam pockets (which has the unfortunate effect of adding about 3" to my hips)

I narrowed the SA for the back which make it fit much better.

Then I made some pot holders.Tutorial found here