Saturday, 9 September 2017

Birthday Shorts - Simplicity 4816

Polo - Ralph Lauren Patchwork Shorts (men's)...

I saved this photo for inspiration... which was a good thing... as my son asked for shorts instead of a T-shirt for this birthday..... and then selected fabric which I did not have enough of.... so I colour blocked instead.

I used my favourite Simplicity 4816... which I have now used approx 1000000000 times.

The shorts are simple elastic waist but they do have pockets!

Shirts - Mcalls 6044

I have made this shirt 2014 and in 2013 I stated that in the next makes I would.....

  1.  add yoke and back pleat to create more ease across the chest - this I did  (and it worked - as well as using a 1cm seam allowance not 1.5cm seam allowance for the front plackets)
    - So I did this again but made the pleat a little larger
  2. sew the long sleeve version
    This time I did do this - the long sleeve is a two piece sleeve which I may have managed to put on back-to-front...the split is wide so we decided to make this a cuff-link only shirt which holds the sleeves together better
  3. Use David Coffin's book to use a different collar application method
    YES!  and  I also used this tutorial and also Male Pattern Boldness
  4. Cut the buttonhole piece on the cross grain for variety 
    Yes - and again this works well

    I also made it a button down collar.

    Somehow I managed to sew the sleeve on backwards - (so the left sleeve is in the right arm...).... however it is still a wearable shirt.

    Second shirt (or 4th if you are counting the previous versions)

    The next shirt needs a placket sleeve (tower placket) - I turned the two piece sleeve back into a one piece sleeve and used the tutorial  on Off The Cuff to create a tower/ house sleeve placket. This fabric was thinner, and horrible to work with compared with the fabric I had used for the previous shirt. The sleeves could also do with being longer - how can that be when one the previous shirt they fit? 

    This shirt also has a button down collar - but with white buttons

    So although neither of these shirts are "perfect" I have now made my husband 2 shirts...this year (finally)......and I will lengthen the sleeve pattern and make a couple more by the end of the year.....lots of stash fabric to use up! 


Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Grainline Maritime shorts

I was given the Grainline Studios Maritime Shorts pattern as a Christmas/Birthday present - as a kit including fabric. I decided to test the pattern before cutting into my nice fabric....

Version 1 - done as per pattern - but had to add darts in the back to accommodate my swayback

 Version 2 - removed 1cm from back of waistband, removed 1" wedge from CB of shorts - much better fit BUT modifications resulted in the back rise being too low...

Also made pockets in the way Jalie jeans pockets are done rather than trying to sew concave and convex curves together AND used two pieces of lining fabric

Version 3
added wedges along back to increase rise - slash and spread method
removed a 1/2" wedge from back waistband

Version 4 - added 4" to length to reduce the "booty" nature of the shorts. - need to remove a wedge from the back as getting strange bubbles in fabric after all my modifications. The longer length and mustard colour does not suit me
I need to do another modification and test before cutting into the present fabric.

I LOVE the size of the pockets on this and will use them from my Jalie jeans from now on.

Friday, 30 June 2017

Lisette Passport Dress

Adjusted the pattern  (ie corrected my previous hacking up the pattern mistakes!) and even took the time to hand sew the armhole bias binding down.

Thought the fabric might be too red for me.. but with my blue Peggy Sue  - it is great. Am planning on making this again with a plain A line skirt (no pleats).. the pleats do not flatter me! However I love wearing this!

 Love the front dart crossover detail
 This fabric was going to be a Gabriola skirt but I am glad I changed my mind and made a dress instead!

I find getting into it hard - I do have wide shoulders. The side zipper (which is closed at the top), does not work for me. Next time I will put in a centre back zipper - which will also mean I can make a sway-back adjustment.

Monday, 5 June 2017


 A simple coin purse with hand and machine embroidery

Three toiletry bags with waterproof linings. The waterproof lining was made using Lamifix - I might have had it roasting in the attic for too long as it really did not work well and gave the fabric a horrible feel and sound. It irons on but.. when turning the bags through the Lamifix appears to be pulling away from the lining fabrics.


Jalie 2908

 Second pair of Jalie jeans - with back yoke modified to bring it closer to the spine at the top.
Reduced length of pattern pieces for the leg - 1" taken out above knee and 1" below the knee.

I also made these straight leg - drawing straight down from the knee notches.

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Jeans & Me Made May - Jalie 2908

 I traced off what I thought would be my size - blending between sizes... and this is the least dreadful photo of a very very tight pair of toile shorts.....

I then traced off a larger size (with no reduction for the waist despite my measurements being 2 sizes smaller at the waist than at my hips)

I sewed it up...

even installed rivets

I amended the pocket piece to fold in half AND I french seamed the bottom

Since I did not reduce the size at the waist .. and I have a sway back.. I am going to need to add elastic at the back to hold the waistband close to me! I have amended the yoke pattern piece for the next pair.

I also amended the waistband - drafting a curved waistband instead (NOT on the bias).. as the bias one in the toile was dreadful!

 Unfortunately my friend who helped me to hem them... hemmed them too short....rather annoying! BUT these are totally wearable jeans and I am thrilled with them.

Part the way through Me Made May I decided I did not need to record when I wore Me Made as I do that every day... I needed to note when I didn't  wear Me Made and what was I wearing then? JEANS.... definitely jeans..... so I challenged myself to make a pair before the end of May....Horray - DONE

and the next pair with the yoke mode is being cut out tonight.